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World Music Festival

Shining the light on local music development


Lighting experts, Eurolux, was proud to have been involved with this year’s Cape Town World Music Festival whose theme was aptly titled ‘Festival of Music & Light’. Not only did it deliver illuminating music, it also shone the spotlight on development in music. With the help of renowned designer Heath Nash and Beanstalk Productions, Eurolux raised money for the Ubuntu Academy - a school for arts, entrepreneurship and leadership in Cape Town.


Local up-cycling artist Heath Nash designed a small inflatable paper bag lantern, which was illuminated by an LED. Shaped like a hanging fruit, the concept was for concert goers to purchase the lantern in addition to their concert fee and thus support charity. They received their lanterns at a designated area and were asked to hang the lantern on a beautifully constructed wooden tree, built for that purpose. This resulted in an organic evolving art piece that developed over the period of the concert symbolising growth from ground roots level.


Lanterns cost only R10 and according to Andrew Wex, brand manager at Eurolux, it was challenging to keep the costs down. “Heath donated his time, which was a huge cost saving, but still, producing a product locally that fit the bill was quite demanding.” Eurolux facilitated the creation of the lanterns making use of local wire workers, seamstresses and printers, producing a total of 1800 lanterns, with all proceeds of lantern sales going to the Ubuntu Academy. Apart from the financial donation made to the Ubuntu Academy, some of the students were also invited to attend the event. They were transported to the festival and R8 000.00 worth of tickets were made available to them. The Ubuntu Academy youths also attended the workshops and talks during the Saturday morning before the festival, which were conducted by industry leaders.


“To be part of such an international event was invaluable for the children”, says Lillian Schultz, spokesperson of the Ubuntu Academy. “The festival brought together more than twenty bands, featuring artists from South Africa, Mali, USA, China, Uruguay, Mozambique, Colombia and more. For our students to get exposure to these artists were a true gift, and we’d like to thank everyone involved for making this possible.”


Eurolux regularly gets involved with sports, arts and needy organisations that drive change and inspire greatness. Wex says they hope to continue their involvement with this project in the future. “As a locally-grown company, we see the value of investing in such talented South African youth. They are creative youngsters with a great deal of promise and we want to do our best to see them develop and succeed.”


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