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Down Light hazards in the home

Are your down lights luminaire’s installed correctly?


Before installing ceiling insulation …

Choose the Insulation product, and your Insulation installer carefully!!!

Make sure they know how to advise you about how to deal with YOUR Down Lights!

Many companies in South Africa are offering DIY Insulation solutions or use inexperienced "fly-by-night" Insulation installers to fit insulation at prices well below the going rate.




- Ensure that they advise you of potential problems you may already have in your ceiling.


- Ensure that they do a site visit prior to offering a "cheaper " quotation.

- The "cheapest price" is not always the best alternative – A major consideration is the future   of your house and the wellbeing of your family.



 Are you aware that:


A Cigarette unventilated burns at

288 °C



A Cigarette insulated and smouldering burns at



510 – 621 °C



A Halogen Down Lighter reaches



320 °C



Wood slowly chars at



120 – 150 °C (at rate of 50mm per hour)



Most woods ignite at



190 – 200 °C



PVC melts at



80 °C



Electrical spark reaches



1316 °C




Down light Hazards in the home


The pictures attached were taken prior to a recent Aeropink Insulation installation. It would have caused a problem sooner or later with or without ceiling insulation (notice the "charring" on the wood brandering around the down light globe (+- 320 °C globe – right next to wood which chars at only 120 – 150 °C !!)


We find similar poor down light installation situations in many South African homes when we get called out for insulation. The homeowners are normally oblivious to the potential existing house fire hazard.


"In recent years there have been a number of fires caused by thermal ceiling insulation being located too close to heat generating electrical equipment, such as down lights."


"Down lights operate at temperatures up to 370 degrees C. If down lights are covered by insulation these temperatures can cause some types of insulation or other building material to ignite."


"Anyone who has safety concerns about insulation installed by any other means should contact a licensed electrician to undertake a safety check. SANS 204 & SANS 10400-XA since 9th Nov 2011"



Other Precautions:


- Installed in accordance with the requirements of SANS 204 & SANS 10400-XA since 9th Nov 2011.


- Do not install near structural timber such as roof, ceiling or floor beams.


- Do not make contact with any flame retarded existing insulation.


- Use a reputable installer for both the down lights and insulation.


- Use an insulation which in its natural state cannot burn Replace Halogen down light globes with new LED technology (+- 80 °C ).


- Ensure Lights are NOT installed close to any timber.